(Not a) Problem: solved!

“Good afternoon… “I heard with a hasty tone coming from the other side of the phone last week, “I know today is Friday, but could you provide me with 6 data entry people by Monday? French, German and Spanish speaking please, and eh… they need to work with our system”.

His stream of apologies was washed over by a flood of compliments. You’re always so flexible, always help us out of the woods, and do anything to please us.

Last Monday we wanted to get our hands dirty. Although our team was ready, our customer’s system wasn’t available to us yet. So we put our team on standby until next day when the system was ready to be used for the project. This is an example of our way of thinking and working that enables us to always keep a flexible approach. We realize that this story might seem rather self-congratulatory, but we just wanted to show how things are done in our office on an average day. Just to show you that there’s no point in mucking about and that, if you need something done in our line of work, KEYERS‑net is your best ally. We will be more than happy to take the time and sit down to talk about what we can do for you.

On top of everything, while I’m writing this down, a nice bouquet of flowers is coming in with a ceramic tile and a motto written on it (a common Dutch gift):

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