Why We Chose KEYERS-net!

For the past 5 years, I’ve been Head of Marketing and Communication of a large franchise formula that offers mortgages and insurances. We make sure we are following regulations and are doing quite well. My department consists of a senior marketing guy with two employees, a senior communication lady who also has two people working under her and me as Head of the department. On a regular basis we also hire professionals for fitting collaborations on different and I can honestly say that we are doing pretty well for ourselves.

Last summer we teamed up with our advertising agency for a fantastic “summer check” promotion. Think of it as your financial MOT. Our advertisements cover a range of about 30.000 magazines throughout the Netherlands, in neighbourhoods out of which, through good data analysis, we know we will get new customers easily. These people can participate in this “summer check” and return the filled out form without any additional cost to our freepost address. This way, we expect to gain at least four new customers for each of our 125 branch offices.
During an entire month we were being flooded by envelopes in all shapes and sizes so the postal company puts a rubber band around them with a code because we have to pay for them separately. Every morning, one of the communication juniors religiously counts them and registers the right quantities for the management report. This year we got over 800 responses, a fantastic result!

… Or so we thought, because that meant we had 800 forms that needed processing! Let’s be honest, 800 is a lot, and although as Head of the department it is my responsibility, I am not going to process them into an Excel file and then email everything to each and every branch office myself. In fact, looking at the status quo, no one in my team has time to process all of this into our system, so during our head of staff meeting last month, I proposed to pass all data to our receptionist so that, when she has nothing to do, she would be able to process it.

A few weeks later I was still waiting for a list and really began to wonder how our forms were doing. All those people who had taken the time to do a summer check; they have to get a call back from the branch offices, or at least get an appointment planned.
Slightly irritated, I went downstairs and saw the pile of blue envelopes, neatly stacked into two plastic blue containers, under her desk. “Sorry, but I haven’t had the time yet!” she said waspishly, and I decided this had to be done differently, better and faster.

By word of mouth I found KEYERS-net, data processing for interesting and competitive prices. During our conversation I quickly knew that I was dealing with a professional, so I asked her for a quotation for the processing of these two blue containers.

Within one week (!) we had everything returned to us, ready and neatly put in a file that we could actually use. As an extra, she had linked each of our branch offices to the nearest customers and so we were able to easily email everything to each branch office by making one simple selection.

I told her that the next time we have a campaign in which people can fill out a form, we will consult her on what would be the best way to go about it, because also internet forms can provide a lot more information than you would normally expect.

That’s why we chose and choose KEYERS-net, for their full comprehensive service and a fixed delivery time, which is exactly what our department needs.

Anne-Wil, Head of Marketing and Communication

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