Big Mother is Watching You…. Episode Furniture Retailers

Like a mother watching over her children, taking them under her wings, guiding them, that’s how furniture retailers should take their customers under their wings as well. On a daily basis, we process the batches of forms with filled out addresses we receive from various large furniture stores, often situated near each other in the Netherlands. These are scanned the very same week they are received and get sent to the marketing department. There, each of them is checked to see if it’s a double entry or a new one. It’s important for them to know from which stores customers have received a discount card or a newsletter, so they can make up a profile of an average customer visiting different furniture stores.

After a few months, it turns out that an average customer visits the furniture stores about 2.7 times before they spend a serious amount of money. That means that every time they visit, the customer needs to receive all the attention needed, in order to make sure they will want and will return. Thanks to the average spending numbers in different stores it’s easy to calculate how many visitors they need to get a turnover with which the exploitation of the store can be a successful one. No-one likes to see companies coming and going, not even in furniture retail.

For all of these furniture stores we process the following data:
– Customer cards
– Late night shopping
– Giveaways
– VIP requests
– Advertisement processing
– Discount coupons
– Parking promotions etc.

Does your company process data? Do you know who is responsible for doing that? Do you ever organize a special VIP night for the regular customers in your company? Do you want to know what else you could do with all of this data? In that case, please feel free to contact us to make a non-committal appointment with one of our account managers.

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