Addressee Unknown, Return to Sender…

Six words that represent how in general 7% of an average mailing ends up and of which about 5 to 10% actually gets returned. Even bank statements and new credit cards get sent to the ‘wrong’ address. Why? That is because not everyone is good at keeping the CRM-system up to date. Some send out a mailing using an Excel file that might be 2 years old, because it’s easy to link to already existing letters.

Here at KEYERS-net we check and optimize address and customer data files. We take out the double entries, check whether all data are correct and complete them if necessary. We can arrange for your address data files to be updated occasionally or on a periodic basis.

Do you get mail returned to you? Who is processing that into different systems, so the right address is used next time? We can also do this for your company. We process all data modifications using a prearranged protocol. For example, would you prefer Mister or Mr in front of a surname? Would you prefer using a woman’s maiden name, or not?

KEYERS-net guarantees uniform processing for a lower price compared to the costs of wrongly addressed print work. And this applies in terms of both cost price and the end result.
It’s not without reason that we say: “Let us key your data…”

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